V2 Tactical Power Chip Torch


A few month ago I bought V2 Tactical Power Chip Torch, White Beam for a scheduled law enforcement exercise.  At the time, everybody was impressed with is size, intense light and cost.  This past weekend, I joined my son’s boy scout troop (13 boys, 3 adult leaders, and me) for a trip to Lonesome Lake in NH.  Because of innumerable delays and slowdowns (they took too much f@#$% s*&^), the hike, which should have taken about two hours, took much, much longer.  Anyway, the sun had set, the temperature was dropping, and a late season snow was falling.  Everybody was tired and cold and we lost the trail.  The snow was so high, covered the trail blazes.  The kids put on their head lamps which helped a little. But my little flash light, that I pocketed almost as an after thought, helped retrace our steps, set a new course and find the AMC cabin (on of the adults lugged a 3 D cell light
up the hill only to find out it was dead).   I don’t know if that little
light saved us a freezing night in the woods, but it did provide a lot of comfort.

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