Saved by the light!

G20 may have saved my Mom. The only question I have is if the light that IĀ used last night is an entry level light, I really want to try your top of the line one. We had a tornado last night here in Panora Iowa. After coming out of our basement I grabbed the G20 and headed to my parents. In pouring rain, lightning and a brief inspection it was thought that the home was intact. I took the G20 around the house one last time to look at the roof and from the ground I could see that the roof had a crack about 20ft long in it. This crack let water into the cieling in my mothers room. Without this light, and its power we would have not seen the crack, my mom would have been in bed where the cieling later collapsed @ 4a.m. Very impressed, and what a Mothers Day it was.

-Aaron W

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