Dear Sirs,

I purchased a G25 flashlight approximately 2 years ago at a local Home Depot.  It became my favorite go to flashlight for around the house needs, and for business trips and vacations due to its small size.  This March of 2013 it came with me on our family sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands.  One evening I was using it to see the BBQ grill after dark and it slipped from my hands and went overboard.  I was very upset.  It stayed  lit for several minutes in 10 to 15 feet of water and I was considering going after it when it went out.  The next afternoon while swimming around my son saw it and went down to retrieve the flashlight.  I took out the old batteries left it open to dry for the day, put in 2 new AA\’s and it turned on like a champ.  It is still my favorite flashlight.  Thanks for making a great product.  Sincerely, Eric

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