PX45 Flashlight

PX45_7438_blackI recently retired from Criminal Justice after 41 plus years. Twenty years as a police officer and 21+ years in a Maximum Security Prison, where death row was located. As you can guess my need for a better then average flash light was a high priority. Unfortunately the LED lights were either not available when I was a Police Officer or I didnt know about them, but for the past 15 years I have relied on the PX45 LED or the earlier model, and I own two. If your life depends on your ability to see in the dark you need this light. It is excellent when one hand holds a firearm and the other holds a light. For home security its outstanding. There are so called tactical lights out there that cost an arm and a leg, but I can tell you this light is just as good or better, and it has all the same features, for better price.

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