Coast flashlights and lanterns

EAL15_7050Scott D

I am a park ranger in West Virginia and manage one of our large resort state parks. I have had many lights during my career. I once had a nine D-cell Mag Light. I use your HL7, various Lensers such as 851801,and I carry a P2 all the time. I also carry two EAL15 in my vehicle for the flashing red during roadside emergencies. Our maintenance and housekeeping staffs all carry various ones of these as well. You make outstanding lights. The HL7 is a remarkable light. I used one during a power outage this past weekend to light a power pole 200 yards away for a power company lineman. My light was so much better than his that I ended up giving him mine. We also used your EAL15 to give to our lodge and cottage guests during t! he power outage. We have also tried your EAL20. I would really like to see a small, compact lantern like the EAL15 that is brighter. Your lights are a pleasure to use, they are rugged and work, they are bright, and the batteries last a long time. Keep up the good work. Scott

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