P7 & X21


I purchased a P7 a few years back and was nothing short of amazed at what a great flashlight it is. Small, easy to handle and BRIGHT. I subsequently purchased one for my father and father in-law. They have both been equally amazed at what a fantastic and useful flashlight it is. My father – 83, USNA class of 1949 asked me, and I quote, “Where did you get this? It really is spectacular.” In all, the P7 is my all-around favorite given it’s size, durability, construction, brightness and overall usability. Then in January, my wife informed me that she’d won the monthly giveaway for an X21. I must have looked at the email notification 20 times…I just couldn’t believe it. I’d coveted the X21 for quite sometime. Then it arrived. It is by far the most powerful hand-held flashlight I have ever seen, much less owned or used. There is absolutely no comparison. Durability, construction and usability are top notch, like the P7. If I needed another flashlight… I’d not only purchase another COAST LED in a heartbeat, more so, I’d accept no substitute.

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