Ernie H.

I want to say how impressed I am with your service and product support. I have owned two small V2 flash lights. I use them while hunting and around the house, etc. They have worked flawlessly for years. This past year one of them was not functioning porperly. You and your company asked me to send the flash light back to your company for repair. I just received the flash light back. You did not repair it you replaced it with the new version – thank you I am very impressed. Not only that I have been draging my wife and son into different rooms showing the power of the new light. WOW — as much as I thought the “old” flash light out performed anything I had before (of that size and larger), this new one is amazing. I did notice it appears to be more of a spot light while the other appeared more of a flood concept. Very im! pressive and can not wait to go out in the night to try it out. Thanks again

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