LED Lights


Bland, VA

My wife and I had to make an unexpected trip to her moms house due to a possible intrusion. When we arrived we had no light outside but a small half-lit street light. I ask my wife to please stay in the car because there was no movement in the house or in the vehicle, which belonged to her mother. Kind of scary. I have several years and quite a few scares under my belt in doing minor investigative work for a certain security firm, so scoping out the house was nothing new to me.¬† To my advantage, I had this little respected tool, (to some it is not respected) piece of art work by Coast that most call a flashlight. If it were’nt for the brightness and battery life of this “Little Giant”, then I would’nt have been able to find my way around the house. Noone was found snooping, luckily for them, ha ha the beam would have hurt them worse than a club LOL. Great little dude I say, I own two of the same light, one for the left pocket, and one for the right. Thanks, Coast, for a great light!! It lit the whole inside of the garage as well, like a large¬† rechargeable light. Needless to say, her mom was fine. This light was Just what I needed……


Chad K.

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