Best Flashlight

David R.

I just wanted to let you and your company know that this is, by far, the best flashlight I have ever seen, used or bought. It’s like having a large spotlight in my hand that I can hold with two fingers. I work in Detention Centers installing new automation controls and cameras. There has been a need to hold a flashlight in the cable runs for hours at a time in need of lots of light. The T7 is so easy to hold and it’s amazing how bright it is as well as it’s one hand focus. I have been showing it off to lot’s of police officers and jailers. They cant believe it. I know there will be several of them going out to get one because it puts their $140 flashlight to shame! I was hesitant to pay $70 for a flashlight that small, but now I feel it’s the best deal I paid for any of my to! ols. Thanks for such a great product. I am now one of your biggest fans and work all over the states, so count on me being a “sales rep” for you! Do you have things like hats and stuff with your logo on them? Thanks again Dave

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