Randy C.

My father who lives in Alaska part of the year has the greatest appreciation for your products. I have purchased your lanterns & T7′s for him. Once when he was boating along the coast line he was looking for a safe place to pull ashore at night(no docks) & his friend was waiving a “regular” flashlight trying to get his attention on where to land, got a bit of a surprise when my dad uses the T7 to light up the area of where to come into. When the land goer was aboard, he asked if my dad had one of those Fancy 2 Million candle power spots aboard his boat. “nope – just this little thing my son bought me” well he could not believe it was possible until he tried it himself. Another time a pole working was working on repairing the phone lines in Washington state where my Dad lives the other 1/2 of the year. Storms had come through the night before & knocked down trees & many lines. As Dusk was passing & night approaching the weary linesman was struggling to hold the flashlight & look at the colored wires to connect properly ( good lead in for head lamps H7/7497 to be sold to linesman )when he complained above having to go back to the truck for a better flashlight. My dad said to wait just a minuet & that he’d go get his to help. The lineman was now thinking, “I know what kind of wimpy flashlight you’ll have & it won’t reach me 30′ up on a pole” so he insisted that he’ll get his “work light” My dad told him to just hang, I’ll be right back. Upon returning my dad warned him, “now whatever you do, DO NOT Look BACK when I turn this on” yeah-sure, BAMM! on goes the T7 on spot beam, right where he is working. “How’s that- enough light now?” Holy -cr__! , uh-ya, thanks I’m good now, & thanks for the warning. After the linesman comes back down, he tells him how many homeowners come back with their standard 2-D flashlights, thinking they’re helping, but this, where’d you get it? Ah- # 1 son has this flashlight fetish & keeps sending me these things. Thanks to your quality product, my dog walking nights are safer & my dad gets to be the hero he likes being.

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