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Search and Rescue lights

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Just wanted to say-”great product!”. I am a 30 year Search and Rescue member. We do most of our work at night! “See Colorado by flashlight, in a snowstorm, is our motto” A bright light as (opposed to our low power head lamps) is very useful for tasks such as looking for tracks, signalling, and just seeing further. You lights are great! I hope you will consider adding a helmet compatible light with battery in rear to your selection. Right now I use a Petzl Duo waterproof but it is getting old. Need waterproof, super bright beam, flood beam and variable power flood setting. 4 AA power would be nice because we try and keep our radios, GPS, and lights with the same battery size.That would be really nice! Thanks again, Reg

Coast Headlamp

Monday, October 17th, 2011

HL7 Headlamp

Steven F

People Of Coast, I just want leave you guys a quick note commending you on the quality and craftsmanship on your products. The headlamp I bought of yours is far superior in every way shape and form to my old Energiser headlamp. This prompted me to buy one of your tactical flashlights, and ladies and gentlemen, it did not dissapoint. Throughout my years in the Navy, and now as Generator Winder in power plants around the globe, I rely on quality products time after time to get the job done. And its people like you that make my job that much easier. Rest assured you have found a lifelong customer, and I’ll be spreading the word. Thanks. Steven

HL7 Headlamp – Built to last!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011


Dave R.

I had 3 LED Lenser H7 headlamps and they rocked, but there were problems with the switches on all 3.  I sent them in for warranty repair, and I received 3 new Coast HL7 headlamps back. complete with batteries. Let me tell you, these things are BRIGHT and there is a definite improvement on the focusing function. Coast takes their products and their guarantees seriously, and I will not hesitate to buy Coast products in the future. Thanks, you guys, especially the staff in the warranty repair department.

Customer for life!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I just purchased my 2nd Coast flashlight and just wanted to say “WOW! The 1st Coast flashlight I bought was a few years ago, and I was impressed from day one with how bright it was, in addition to being tough enough to be used anywhere, any time. Since the outer case was getting pretty banged up and the lens was scratched up, I decided to buy a replacement, and selected the current version, which I bought @ Home Depot. The first time I turned it on, I was amazed at how much light came from such a small flashlight, even when compared to my older Lenser. It actually lit up a wall 400-500 ft away! Well done guys, you have a customer for life.