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Monday, May 9th, 2011

Blake K.

I just wanted to say thank you. I have beyond terrible night vision from long term effects of chemo therapy, from when I was just a baby. It is so hard from me to function in the dark while camping or even just in the dark corner of the garage. Your lights are the first flashlights I am completely comfortable in the dark with. I have your HP5, the headlamp(brightest one you sell) and the 220 lumen quick adjust one. They make my life so much easier I seriously THANK YOU for what you do. I heard that you have a new upgraded version of the x21 coming out in June and I cannot wait for it! I will for sure be one of the first to buy it. For me the brighter the better! you guys make it possible. Keep it up guys!!

Emergency Lantern

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Mike W.

I received an emergency lantern to test for Handyman Club. The test went great when I tested it about a month ago. However I didn’t know the real test that was to come on 4/27/2011. I live in Alabama and we were hit with several F3-F5 tornados, we had no power for about 5 days. This lantern has been going strong throughout this time and has not failed, this is truly a great product and every home owner should have one. Thanks for a great product.