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LED Lights

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


Pittsburgh,  PA

I was working on an elevator in a building with 26 stories. I was on the top floor when I dropped my flashlight down the elevator shaft. I found it pieces in the pit. It was badly damaged but I managed to get it somewhat back together. Ipushed the button to turn it on and the damn thing turned on. I was truly amazed! I have tried some other LED lights, but nothing really compares to these lights so I bought another one, and glad I did.

Tactical Flashlights

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Richard H.

Sir, I have purchased several of your tactical flashlights, specifically from Home Depot. After examining their construction, interior and exterior, i find them to be at least on-par,if not superior to the high dollar Surefires and Streamlights. I am really impressed with the internal battery cradle with gold electrical connections. Great design! I feel your products are very reasonably priced also. To me, it is laughable what some other companies charge for their flashlights.