Multi Tools: Ultimate Utility and Portability

LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi Tool

LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi Tool

When you're working on a construction project or tinkering with a car, squeezing in and out of tight spaces to make another trip to the toolbox can be a pain. Carrying a selection of tools with you saves time and prevents headaches, allowing you to complete your project more quickly and with fewer hitches.

Fortunately, being prepared for anything doesn't mean you have to lug around the entire kitchen sink. A multi tool combines several different tools into one pocket-sized, easy-to-carry package, perfect for tucking into a tool belt or stashing in the glove compartment. Typically featuring a knife blade, pliers, assorted screwdrivers and other handy attachments, a quality multi tool ensures you'll always have the tools you need right at your fingertips.

At Coast, we offer a selection of rugged multi tools customized for a variety of needs, from general outdoor use to military-approved tactical models. One of our favorites, the LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi Tool, is preferred among those who work with their hands – from casual handymen to professional contractors.

Top Features of the LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi Tool

While a multi tool doesn't replace the brawny, full-sized gear in your toolbox, the LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi Tool is ideal for working in tight spaces. Whether you're up on a ladder or under the sink, this compact, stainless steel device makes it easy to carry a variety of essential tools with you. Its features include:

  • Built-in LED Lights. The built-in LED lights on each end of this multi tool let you eliminate the clunky flashlight and effortlessly illuminate tight spaces.
  • Easy one-handed operation. The spring-loaded pliers and sure-grip rubber handle inlays on the LED Pro Pocket Pliers allow you to work one-handed with ease.
  • Full-sized knife. The durable, full-sized knife blade on this multi tool is partially serrated for tough cutting jobs.
  • Screwdrivers and more. The LED Pro Pocket Pliers also includes a Phillips screwdriver tip, small and medium slotted screwdriver tips, scissors and a cap lifter.

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