Emergency LED Lantern: A Basic Survival Tool

Survival skills aren't just for hikers anymore. During the past decade, natural and man-made disasters across the globe have raised awareness for the need for emergency preparedness at home as well as in the wild. Survival experts recommend that every home be equipped with emergency kit that includes food, water, first aid supplies, a battery-powered radio and other basic survival gear.

One of the first items that should go into any survival kit is a reliable light source, such as an emergency LED lantern. A quality emergency lantern not only provides area light to see by in case the power goes out, but it can be used as a distress beacon to signal for help if you become lost or stranded.

An LED lantern will outperform a traditional incandescent light in an emergency situation for several reasons:

  • Its energy-efficient design offers a much longer battery life.
  • It burns cooler, so it's safer to use indoors.
  • It provides a powerful, focused light that can be spotted from miles away.
  • There are no filaments or glass casings that can break during storage or rugged use.

Important Features of an Emergency LED Lantern

At Coast, the gold standard for emergency lighting is the Emergency Area Light LED Lantern, which combines the latest in LED technology with compact, durable casing and innovative emergency features.

Following are important features to look for in a quality emergency lantern:

Powerful Output. Most high-quality LED lanterns use multiple bulbs to create a powerful beam that outshines other light sources. To get the brightest light available, choose a lantern with at least 8-12 bulbs for a total output of 100 lumens or more.

Long Battery Life. A top-of-the-line emergency LED lantern can offer up to 100 hours of use. Look for a model that includes a dimmer switch or energy-saving setting to extend the battery life. A power indicator is also an important feature, as it allows you to carefully monitor and ration your light usage.

Emergency Settings. In addition to providing steady area light, some LED lanterns also offer emergency signal settings, such as a flashing strobe or red flare effect, to help you flag down assistance.

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