LED Headlamp: Hands-Free Illumination

In the great outdoors, sometimes your hands have more important things to do than hold a flashlight. Enter the HL7 LED Headlamp.

The HL7 LED Headlamp has an adjustable strap that can be worn on your head or hat, providing powerful illumination without limiting the use of your hands. Hikers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts are increasingly discovering the convenience and portability of LED headlamps.

A flashlight is commonly carried at waist level, allowing you to see only a few feet ahead. When you wear an LED headlamp directly above your eyes, the area in front of you receives greater illumination, and the light is always trained in the direction you need.

With its more than 600-foot beam distance, the HL7 LED Headlamp is ideal for camping, hiking, rafting and any other outdoor activity.

Here's a look at some of its features:

  • Energy efficiency. LED headlamps use less energy than traditional bulbs, which means they're eco-friendly, burn cooler and have a longer battery life.
  • Light output.Whereas a flashlight bobs around as you walk, the HL7 LED Headlamp provides a steady beam of 150 lumens, focused wherever your attention is.
  • Durability. An LED headlamp has no filaments or glass parts, so it can withstand rough treatment in a backpack or rafting dry bag.
  • Versatility.The HL7 headlamp has a dimmer switch and an adjustable beam that changes from spot to flood, so you can get exactly the amount of light you need.

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The Many Uses of an LED Headlamp

The flashlight is no longer the undisputed king of portable illumination. LED headlamps are becoming increasingly prevalent in the outdoors, around the home, in the car and anywhere else you need light without tying up your hands.

Camping and Backpacking
On a long backpacking trip, every ounce in your pack counts. That's why many experienced hikers are trading in their flashlights for LED headlamps. Not only are headlamps compact and lightweight for packing, but they leave your hands free for setting up a tent or hiking in the dark.

Hunting and Fishing
Hunting and fishing enthusiasts are no strangers to the wee hours of the morning. When you're out in the woods or on the boat before dawn, an LED headlamp provides plenty of light while leaving your hands free to bait a hook, draw a bow or load a gun.

Auto Emergencies
You never know when or where your vehicle might break down. Whether you're changing a flat tire at night or just tinkering under the hood, getting enough light can be a juggling act. An LED headlamp makes the job easier by focusing a powerful beam right where you need it – and it's easy to stash in the glove compartment.

Home Repair
Most homeowners have experienced the frustration of squeezing into a dark corner to fix a clogged drain, repair a leaky pipe or investigate a noisy basement furnace. An LED headlamp is a useful tool for making repairs around the house, inspecting your attic or crawl space, or any other situation in which light isn't readily available but your hands need to be.

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