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Buying a flashlight is not as simple as it once was.

The development of LED flashlights and other technologies has flooded the market with a host of battery-powered torches that vary drastically in quality and performance. These days, it almost takes an engineer to understand the differences between models – yet a hasty or uninformed decision could easily leave you stranded in the dark.

Outdoorsmen and survivalists alike have long understood the importance of a high-quality flashlight. When embarking on a hiking trip or preparing for a home disaster, they know that in a crisis, a reliable LED flashlight is the first line of defense against panic and other potential hazards. If you want proof, just check the news headlines: An LED flashlight can literally save your life.

A Flashaholic's Guide to LED Flashlights sheds light on the primary factors that affect an LED flashlight's performance. It's loaded with answers to many of your flashlight questions, beginning with the one we hear most often: "How many lumens do I really need?"

Be a Savvy Consumer

Within this eBook, you'll find information to help you decide which features are most important to you in an LED flashlight. Our goal is to help you choose a flashlight that will meet your needs in unexpected situations as well as planned ones. You'll learn:

  • What really makes a quality LED flashlight different from cheaper models.
  • How to comparison shop using the FL1 flashlight standards.
  • Definitions for confusing and technical LED flashlight jargon.


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