Young Hiker Dies After Coyote Attack

Taylor MitchellTaylor Mitchell, 19, died Wednesday morning after sustaining injuries from a coyote attack. Mitchell was reportedly hiking alone in Nova Scotia, Canada on Tuesday when the attack occurred.

Mitchell, whose screams were heard by another hiker in the area who called for help, was responded to by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and airlifted to a hospital in nearby Halifax. She died the next day.

Police are believed to have killed one of the coyotes involved in the attack and are currently investigating the incident.

This story of a young life cut short is a tragic one, and an unfortunate reminder of the dire need for safety in the outdoors. If you plan on enjoying the fall’s wonderful weather and beautiful scenery, please remember to exercise caution when hiking or adventuring.

There are a number of links below to helpful articles concerning safety in the outdoors, but I first want to emphasize what I believe to be the most important rule of wilderness safety: never go alone. Never do anything in the great outdoors alone — whether hiking, fishing, hunting, camping — always take someone with you, and let others know what your plans are. And I really do mean never; obviously, there is no way to ever know what might happen.

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