Why Should I Invest in a Pressure Switch For an LED Flashlight?

COAST's TX40 LED FlashlightWeapon-mounted flashlights are extremely important tactical tools. They allow officers and military personal to properly identify targets before pulling the trigger. There are a variety of mounting methods and manufacturers, including the Picatinny rail.  A Picatinny rail is a standardized mounting bracket. With a mounting system in place, you can also add a pressure switch. The advantage of a pressure switch is that it allows for correct operation, as the user is able to turn the flashlight on and off without removing his or her hand from the barrel of the weapon.

For precise operation, we recommend a combination pressure switch. Law enforcement officers and military personnel are especially keen on combination pressure switches, as they allow for multiple lighting modes. A combination pressure switch can create either momentary or constant light. When a single flash could give your location away, it’s important to have such sophisticated lighting options at your fingertips. The inclusion of a master kill-switch also keeps the flashlight off at unwanted times.

The COAST TX40 LED flashlight is a versatile flashlight that easily attaches to a rifle using the Picatinny rail mount system, which is sold separately (7733RS). We also offer a momentary on/off pressure switch as an additional accessory. These options are good to keep in mind when investing in a professional use tactical LED flashlight for your gun. However you equip your weapon, ensure smooth operation from firing position. You shouldn’t have to move your hand away from the barrel to activate the flashlight pressure switch.

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