Trick or Treat: Why LED Headlamps are Perfect for Halloween


  • Fake blood: Check.
  • Pillowcase: Check.
  • Reflective tape: Check.
  • Flashlight: How about a headlamp instead?

Trick-or-treating is serious business. The opportunity to collect a whole bag of free candy comes along only once a year, so it’s important to get the most out of the experience. For many kids, maximizing the door-to-door treat soliciting has become something of a science. They study which neighborhoods give out the best goods, carefully plan their routes and develop systems for getting to and from each door as quickly as possible.

One frequently overlooked tool that makes trick-or-treating a breeze is the headlamp. When walking around in the dark, begging for treats, LED headlamps offer an extra layer of safety and convenience that no hand-held flashlight can provide. Here are three reasons why LED headlamps are the perfect tool for trick-or-treating:

1. They leave your hands free for holding the candy bag.

Juggling an increasingly heavy bag of candy along with any costume-related pros while also carrying a flashlight that may need to be turned on and off, depending on the situation, can be a real pain. LED headlamps, on the other hand, leave your hands free for more important things – like sifting through your mound of candy to see what you’ve gotten so far.

2. They fit over a mask or hat.

A good headlamp comes with an adjustable elastic strap so it can be incorporated into any costume; it slips right on over your mask or hat. In some cases, a headlamp can actually enhance your costume – especially if you’re dressing up as a miner or a mad scientist.

3. They always aim the light where you need it.

LED headlamps always point in the direction you’re looking, which means the light is shining right where you need it. Whether you’re exploring the depths of your candy bag or lighting up an overly shadowy sidewalk, your headlamp will illuminate the way.

[ photo by: ohhhbetty ]

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