Why Every Firefighter needs at least One Professional Use LED Flashlight


Picture this: You’re heading into the burning building while everyone else runs away. As flames lick the roofline, your adrenaline is racing but your rational mind kicks into gear. Quickly, you check that you have all of your gear. A few of the items you look for are: a self-contained breathing kit to provide oxygen when the air becomes too thick with smoke to breathe; your Halligan bar for prying open closed doors, among other uses; and your professional use LED flashlight.

An LED light is a crucial tool every firefighter needs. Indeed, most good firefighters carry two LED flashlights. Here are a few ways firefighter might use an LED light while on the job:

  • To see, obviously. Without a source of light, firefighters would be stumbling in the darkness inside a blazing structure. A flashlight gives a firefighter confidence as he or she moves through the inferno.
  • To be seen. With an LED light cutting through the flames and smoke, a firefighter is much more likely to be seen by the victims they rescue. Flashlights help firefighter team members keep an eye on each other, as well.
  • As a backup source of sight, in case their thermal imager malfunctions. Many fire departments now use thermal imaging cameras as the main source of sight during a fire. In this case, the flashlight is an important backup tool.

Many firefighters rely on COAST Products when replacing their flashlights, since all of our LED lights are covered by a lifetime guarantee for materials and workmanship. Moreover, every professional use LED flashlight we sell has been carefully designed to stand up to tough conditions. When you’re in a life-and-death situation, it’s imperative that your LED flashlight and other gear perform flawlessly. A well-made LED light will last much longer and perform more consistently – thus, firefighters turn to high-end manufacturers like COAST products when looking for a new LED light.


[ Photo by: starmanseries, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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