Why a Tactical LED Flashlight Makes a Great Self-Defense Tool

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Tactical LED flashlights are the perfect self-defense tools because they have no lasting effect. One blast from a tactical LED flashlight is enough to temporarily disorient and therefore halt any questionable character in his or her tracks. This means you can feel fairly safe walking alone at night with an LED flashlight. If a problem arises, you can surprise an attacker with the beam – and if it turns out your use of LED light was a mistake, you can apologize and move on, knowing any effects will fade in a matter of minutes. Indeed, police officers and military personnel are trained to use this humane weapon first, by shining their LED flashlights in the eyes of suspects to gain a moment of threat assessment.

If you’re looking for a tactical flashlight for self-defense purposes, the following are a few characteristics to keep in mind.

Traits of a Self-Defense Tactical LED Flashlight

  • Power in a small package. Most high-end tactical flashlights are small enough to conceal in one’s fist.
  • Extremely bright light output, with enough power to momentarily blind assailants. This is the most important characteristic, so let’s get specific: To be effective even during daytime hours, LED flashlights should have a beam of at least 120 lumens.
  • Top-of-the-line components, including unbreakable plastic, special metals, advanced optics systems, etc., to ensure your tactical light operates without fail in tense moments.

Overall, tactical LED torches are distinguished by their powerful, focused light beams.

To use your tactical LED flashlight in a risky situation, shine its beam directly into the potential attacker’s eyes. While he or she is blinded, hold the light beam steady but shift your body position. This technique is often enough to allow you to evade the attacker – you can simply run once he or she is blinded. Prior to this crisis moment, you can use your LED flashlight to illuminate dark or hidden areas; this awareness of your surroundings is always a good way to boost safety.

In conclusion, let’s consider that while other self-defense weapons are often banned in public places, a tactical flashlight is almost always accepted. So the next time you’re worried about being in a potentially unsafe area, remember to bring your LED tactical flashlight and enjoy peace of mind.


[ Photo by: derekGavey, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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