Which COAST Product Owned in 2013? LED Flashlights


HP 17 LED Flashlight

We’re looking forward to 2014 as another great year of creating innovative, exceptional LED flashlights and headlamps, knives, and multi-tools. But before we get too far into the New Year, we want to a look back at the top selling COAST Products in 2013. The most popular COAST Products of last year were:

HP17 LED Flashlight. An extremely bright LED flashlight with our Pure Beam Focusing optic, the HP17 throws light very long distances while still providing a halo of surrounding usable light. Its beam distance of 882 feet is equivalent to the height of a 70-story skyscraper! Switch to the low beam setting to preserve running time. Such a top seller that we’re exporting it! Now available in Mexico through RYSI.

HP 14 LED Flashlight. Judging from its Facebook comments, everyone from security guards to truck drivers to those serving medical missions loves this flashlight. It will shine 574 feet on the high beam setting; like the HP17 it can also run on battery-saving low mode. We chose a slightly larger lightweight aluminum casing, so that the HP14 could accommodate the world’s most common battery, AA batteries. Yes, we do include the four AA batteries needed to run the HP 14, and yes it’s covered by our lifetime warranty, just like all COAST Products.

HP 314 LED Flashlight. Light painters rave about this light canon, so powerful it comes with its own shoulder strap! Its beam distance of 2,240 feet is equivalent to seven and a half football fields. But the HP 314 has endurance as well as strength. It will run for 192 hours on the low light setting. Water resistant, complete with its own custom-designed carrying case, and 3.1 pounds in weight, the HP 314 is a blazingly bright torch.

HL8 Focusing LED Headlamp. Meet our most powerful, most popular LED headlamp. It’s versatile, ergonomic, and powerful—so powerful that one of our customers joked he couldn’t tell if it was night or day with the HL8 strapped to his skull. If you wear a headlamp on the job, you’ll appreciate that we include a three-foot extension cord for the battery pack, allowing you to clip it to your belt or gear webbing. The HL8 also comes with helmet clips. The headlamp’s Pure Beam Optics System toggles between a broad floodlight and a focused spotlight with a surrounding halo of light.

PX45 LED Flashlight. Weighing in at 5.8 ounces, the PX45 is lightweight enough to carry on the job. Its 212-lumen output will send light 610 feet. On our Facebook page, the PX45 has earned positive reviews from locksmiths, police officers, and even bed bug inspectors. Pros who require powerful light for their work love the PX45.

If you’re looking for a new LED flashlight or headlamp, you can’t go wrong with something from this list of 2013’s bestsellers.

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