What to Look for in Rechargeable Flashlights

Flexible Power Options for Rechargeable LightsThe Coast Products team has been buzzing lately about the newest additions to our product line: rechargeable LED flashlights. The A9R is a slim, rechargeable inspection LED torch, perfect for anyone who uses an inspection light during the workday. At the end of the shift, it’s easy to power up the A9R; just plug it into a recharging “cap,” which plugs into a standard wall outlet. We’ve also developed a couple of full-sized rechargeable LED flashlights: the A22R and the A25R, two powerful torches with several different charging options.

Designing each rechargeable torch taught us a lot about what to look for in an emergency LED flashlight. Having thoroughly researched the rechargeable emergency LED flashlight field, we can vouch that the following elements are the distinguishing features consumers should look for when in the market for a rechargeable light.

1. Flexible power options, as in the A22R and A25R. Both offer four recharging methods: a DC power outlet for use in automobiles; an AC adaptor for plugging into a wall socket; a USB charger that will plug into your laptop or smart phone; and a battery compartment that accepts regular AA or AAA batteries. This array of emergency LED flashlight power options gives consumers extra flexibility in emergency situations.

2. Protected charger outputs. The A22R and A25R have a pop-up feature that protects the electrical input when the flashlight is closed. (This is the area where the various power outlets plug in.) LED flashlights with similar protective elements will likely last longer, since dirt and grime won’t be able to contaminate power connections.

3. High quality standards. Too often, manufacturers rush through the design process to get a new product to market. Not so with our rechargeable LED flashlights. The same high-quality components and top-notch workmanship found in all of our products can also be found in our rechargeable torches. (Don’t believe us? Check out the Coast Products Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.)

4. Powerful light output. Just because an emergency LED flashlight is rechargeable doesn’t mean it must be weaker than its non-rechargeable counterparts. The A25R delivers a respectable 420 lumens, while the A22R delivers 220 lumens.

5. Advanced optics system. Rechargeability is no excuse for lackluster performance. Both the A25R and the A22R feature our Pure Beam focusing system, which allows the user to adjust between a focused beam of powerful light and a more scattered floodlight.

If you’re shopping for a rechargeable emergency LED flashlight, consider the above traits your minimum expectations.

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