What To Do When It Rains

With summer coming to a close, here in the Pacific Northwest that means we’re welcoming back the rain. And it can be quite the disheartening time for the outdoor enthusiast. Thankfully, Coast recently published a new article that should help alleviate some of the coming rainy day blues.

The article, Rainy Day Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts, lists a number of alternative activities that adventurers might enjoy if the weather should deter them from their preferred outdoor activities. Some of the article’s suggestions include:

Geocaching — a sort of modern day treasure hunt that utilizes satellite technology instead of maps.

Foosball — the table tennis of soccer, for 2-4 players, this game will pass the time for sure.

Slacklining — like tight-rope walking but without the “tight.” You’ll be surprised how much fun it is.

Indoor Rock Climbing — who says you can’t climb inside? Certainly not the inventors of the modern-day rock wall. Actually, I even have a buddy who built a make-shift rock wall in his garage just for the off-season.

If you’re hankerin’ to ward off the rainy day lulls this fall, check out the article to learn more about the activities above as well as additional things to do when the sun has made itself scarce.

[photo: Jonas]

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