What Lumen Ratings Won’t Tell You About Your LED Flashlight

LumensIn fashion, size is important, but it doesn’t tell you a whole lot about how a garment fits to an individual’s body shape. In nutrition, a calorie count can tell you how much energy a food provides, but you also need exercise information to understand how a certain dish will impact a person’s waistline. A similar measurement conundrum exists in the world of LED flashlights. Lumen is often the go-to stat for flashlight makers and consumers – yet this oft-touted number doesn’t tell you everything about the value or quality of light that a certain torch provides.

Indeed, it would be unwise to select a flashlight based solely on lumen production. Here are a few things that lumen statistics can’t tell you about how a certain flashlight performs.

  1. The Intensity of the Flashlight’s Beam. Peak beam intensity describes the intensity of light in the beam’s “hot spot” or brightest point. Typically measured in candelas, peak beam intensity for high-end LED flashlight models like ours can rank in the tens of thousands of candelas.
  2. The Quality of the Flashlight’s Optics System. A low-quality optics system could produce plenty of lumens, but in an inefficient way. When shopping for a high-quality flashlight, look for a cutting-edge optics setup, such as our Pure Beam Focusing System.
  3. How Far the Flashlight will Shine. Beam distance is a better measurement of how far a certain flashlight can throw light.
  4. The Shape of the Flashlight’s Beam. Consider the power of a laser beam versus the wide throw of a floodlight. Through optics systems, flashlight makers can create any number of different beam patterns. For instance, our Long Range Focusing Optic system is designed to create a long-reaching beam of intense light, while our Pure Beam Focusing Optic system creates a bulls eye spotlight, with intense light in the middle and a surrounding penumbra of softer light.
  5. The Number of Lumens that the Flashlight Creates. Not all manufacturers measure their flashlights’ lumens ratings in the same way. Therefore, if you want a truly accurate lumen measurement, you should look for products with the FL1 Standards logo; this industry standard guarantees measurement according to pre-specified procedures.

Lumens: You can’t very well buy an LED flashlight without this industry standard measurement. And yet it’s by no means the only statistic that you should pay attention to during the purchasing process.

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