Washington Honors Environmental Educator

The Washington state Senate recently adopted a resolution that honors environmental educator Dr. Margaret Tudor for her leadership in developing statewide science standards and promoting outdoor education.

According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Tudor has been instrumental in changing the direction of scientific education in Washington’s public school system.

Senator Ken Jacobsen agrees: ”Dr. Tudor is a state and national leader who has helped re-emphasize the importance of outdoor scientific study for K-12 students. Her work is influencing many school districts throughout the country, and we’re proud to honor her with this resolution.”

The resolution (#8637) recognizes Tudor’s efforts to shift science education from mainly a classroom activity to one that offers more time on outdoor field work. In other words, students will now be getting outside and experiencing science in the environment first-hand.

Based in Olympia, Tudor is a co-founder of the Pacific Education Institute, a public/private consortium that encourages real-world, outdoor learning experiences and has led the development of “citizen scientist” programs, in which students and adults collect natural resource data for professionals. She also helped develop the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency’s North American Conservation Education Strategy, which focuses on educating children and adults about the conservation of fish, wildlife, and other natural resources.

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