Washington: Fish!

It’s a calm, quiet morning, and you’re sitting on the shore with pole in hand. Your fishing gear is resting on one side, your lunch on the other. All is peaceful and well. A mere two minutes later, you’re up on your feet, heart pounding, and you’re grinning with pride at one the most beautiful rainbow trouts you’ve ever seen.

Quite the exciting experience, I’d say. And with dozens of trout-stocked lakes in eastern Washington open to fishing tomorrow (March 1), here’s your chance to live it.

According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), your best bet is Martha Lake in Grant County because the north section is ice-free with plenty of shoreline space, likely where most of the trout will be concentrated.

Other lakes WDFW recommends include:

  • Upper, Lower, and West Caliche lakes;
  • Dusty, Lenice, and Nunnally lakes;
  • the south end of Lake Lenore;
  • Fishhook Pond in Walla Walla County;
  • Pampa Pond in Whitman County;
  • Downs Lake in Spokane County;
  • Liberty Lake east of Spokane;
  • Medical Lake;
  • Amber Lake in southwest Spokane County;
  • Coffeepot Lake in Lincoln County;
  • North Silver Lake in southwest Spokane County;
  • Deer Lake in southern Stevens County;
  • and all seven man-made lakes off the Tucannon River — Beaver, Big Four, Blue, Deer, Rainbow, Spring, and Watson.

For more detailed information, visit WDFW.

[pictured: The Angler Exchange Blade Fishing Set from Coast]

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