Wallowa Lake Kokanee Doing Mighty Fine

Kokanee fish will continue to do well in Wallowa Lake

Kokanee fish will continue to do well in Wallowa Lake

Good news for anglers near Wallowa Lake! The world-record-sized kokanee fish you saw last season are said to happen again this year, due mainly to a natural disaster that led to fewer fish competing for food.

As reported on OregonLive.com, biologists at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife say that the large kokanee fish in Wallowa Lake last year are actually survivors of a flash flood that killed many. The few that were left, the report said, “made their way downstream into an unusually strong bloom of mysis shrimp, their main food source.”

Last year’s record fish weighed in at 9.26 pounds, and this season’s crop is expected to reach the 8lb. – 10lb. range again this year.

Kokanee can be hard to get on the line, so here are some key fishing equipment you’ll want to bring to ensure a good catch:

1. A strong pole/line
Kokanee can put up quite a fight, and if you’re pole isn’t up to the challenge you may lose more than just the fish. Make sure you have a line that will support the force of the fish.

2. Proper lures
Even though kokanee are generally plankton feeders, they will still often hit a lure. Small spoons, spinners, and hootchies are all essential fishing equipment to have on hand if you want to land a big one.

3. Fishing knife
Of course, you can’t clean a fish without the proper knife. A high-quality filleting knife or skinning knife will make the cleaning and prepping of the fish a whole lot easier.

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