[Video] Watch the COAST Long Range and Purebeam Optics Comparison

Light is a notoriously tricky thing to describe. Poets rave over its many moods. Physics gurus question its very structure—is light a wavelength or a particle? As LED flashlight makers, our challenge is to accurately portray the light created by our elite line of torches. To do so, we’ve created a video highlighting two of our optics systems, Long Range optics and Pure Beam Focusing Optic.

As the above video shows, the user can adjust the Pure Beam Focusing Optic to create a large, even floodlight or a bulls-eye spotlight with surrounding halo of less intense light. This optics system is helpful for inspection and law enforcement work, as it allows the user to see both a point of focus and its surroundings.

The Long Range Focusing optic, in contrast, ranges between a piercing long-distance beam and a wide, constant flood beam. If your priority is seeing as far as possible, this is the better optics system for you.

We encourage you to watch the video to appreciate the more subtle differences between these optics systems. For one thing, the Pure Beam’s Ultra View Flood Beam features a soft edge, while the Long Range’s Broad View Flood Beam produces a crisper boundary. The video also offers side-by-side comparisons of the long-range beam for each system, so you can appreciate how the Bulls-Eye Spot Beam in the Pure Beam system creates a wider illuminated zone, while the Long Range’s X-Range Spot Beam throws light farther.

Perusing our LED flashlight options online, you can’t very well pick up a flashlight and fiddle with it to decide whether you like it. We hope this video provides a virtual user experience to help you pick the best COAST optics system for your needs.

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