Uses of LED Lanterns in Emergency Situations

Whether it’s at a car accident at night or during a power outage at home, having light available when you need it is important.  While there are countless flashlights and other light sources on the market for you to choose from, one of your best options in emergency situations can be a basic LED lantern.  These lanterns can be extremely versatile and capable of adapting to different needs, and because they use LED’s instead of standard flashlight bulbs they require less energy to use while producing ample light with very little heat.

LED lanterns can be a great addition to your emergency roadside kit, since they can be used both in flashlight form as well as in a standard lantern configuration to illuminate the entire area.  As an added bonus, many LED lanterns feature settings where they can be used as emergency blinkers in place of road flares as well.  If you have an earthquake kit or other emergency kit at your home, an LED lantern will take much longer to drain its batteries than a standard flashlight so it can stay in storage for longer and still provide you with light when you need it.  In addition to a longer shelf life, this reduced energy requirement also means that your LED lantern will operate off of standard batteries instead of requiring bulky and expensive lantern batteries like standard lantern flashlights often do.

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