U2 Goes 360-degrees with LEDs

With their 360° Tour underway, U2 is yet again setting a new standard for entertainment — and this time, they’re using LED technology to do it.

In fact, the very name of the current tour is derived from the LED technology they’ve incorporated. Utilizing the creative powers of LED manufacturer Barco, the band now employs the use of a 360° LED screen for their concerts. That’s right, no more boring boxes and squares.

The screen is oval-shaped and measures 16 x 24 meters in diameter and is nearly 6 meters high. Using 500,000 pixels of video, the screen is now the largest ever used for concert touring. What’s more, the screen can actually change shape in all directions — expanding both horizontally and vertically. This is made possible by mounting the individual video pixels onto mechanical arms.

The screen is mounted and supported by a claw-like structure and allows fans to see from where ever they’re located — meaning there’s literally not a bad seat in the house.

Now, while I personally won’t be attending a U2 concert anytime soon, it’s still incredible for me to witness new innovations in technology — and it seems like LEDs are continually on the forefront of these innovations. Check out our LED news section to see what else is happening around the world with this cutting-edge technology. Also, learn more about how LED technology can serve your needs by visiting us at coastportland.com.

[photo: Marc Nicolas Bohnert/Flickr]

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