Turkey Time: What You Need to Land the Perfect Bird

Turkey huntingWith Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m sure many of you hunters have already been thinking about Turkey season. Coast recently published a new article, Seven Turkey Hunting Gear Must-Haves, that details all the essential equipment you’ll need to capture the perfect bird for your holiday meal — that is, if your wife doesn’t beat you to it at the local grocery store.

The article lists the seven items and provides a description explaining why each is important and necessary for a successful hunt. For instance, one of the suggested pieces of equipment is a reliable hunting knife specifically¬†for field dressing (which preserves the meat more effectively) in addition to other various uses — a good knife just plain comes in handy in the outdoors.

Turkeys can be a difficult bird to hunt successfully since they have excellent eye sight and are frightened easily. So if you’re hoping to nab your family a bird for the holiday season, make sure you’re well prepared. Read¬†Coast’s article for the last six essential gear must-haves including tips on how have a successful hunt.

Additionally, for more hunting tips and hunting equipment suggestions, peruse our “Hunting News” section.

[photo: Noma's American Water Spaniels]

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