Trailer-Campers Can Now Travel Trailer-less?

Airstream TrailerI read in the news last week that KOA campgrounds are going to start renting out Airstream trailers to its visitors. Apparently, KOA is providing three campgrounds in three states — Nevada, Maine, and Florida — and Airstream will disperse 25 of its most popular trailers among them. Does this seem a little weird to anyone else?

“The rental trailers come fully stocked with linens and kitchenware. Tourists need only open the door to a turnkey travel experience, just like a hotel room,” said Airstream’s aptly named chief executive, Bob Wheeler.

Right…so why not just  rent a hotel room then? I thought the point of pulling a trailer behind you was so that you could bring a little piece of your home with you – not someone else’s home. I mean, don’t you enjoy using your own bedding, kitchen, and camping gear when you’re away?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Airstream trailers are great — when they’re yours. I guess I just fail to see the draw when they’re not. I don’t know, maybe the new KOA trailer experience will provide a good trial run for you campers toying with the idea of purchasing an Airstream.

If that’s case, well, I guess now you know where to find one.

[photo: johnrobertshepherd]

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