Top Fall Hunting Knives For Under $100

Bowie Hunting Knife

Bowie Hunting Knife

Fall hunting season is well under way, and if you haven’t yet snagged a strong, dependable hunting knife, don’t worry. There is still plenty of time left in the season to get one. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have oodles of money to be throwing around, either. Not a problem. The following are the top three hunting knives under $100. Enjoy!

Hardwood Hunter
Any seasoned hunter needs a small, sturdy hunting knife. A quality hardwood hunting knife should feature a stainless steel blade, a solid hardwood handle, brass accents and a leather sheath. A small hardwood hunting knife is a compact essential for any avid hunter.

Damascus Folder
A folding knife can be a useful, versatile tool during hunting season. When looking for a Damascus folding blade, make sure the model has a stainless steel clip point blade, a lockback mechanism, and a sturdy handle (preferably staghorn or hardwood). A belt clip is another useful feature to have on a folding knife.

Bowie Knife
You’re probably thinking, “Enough with the small ones – let’s see some real hunting knives”. Okay, okay. A Bowie hunting knife is just what you’re looking for. Most high quality Bowies feature a whopping 8-inch stainless steel blade, a hardwood handle, a brass guard and come with a leather sheath

These three models of knives are all excellent blades for under $100 – why not buy one today?

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