Top 5 Valentines Gift Ideas for the Survivalist in Your Life


HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be predictable and cheesy. It can be a chance to show your heartmate that you know them well—well enough to get something that they would actually want on the big romantic holiday. Forget the flowers and chocolates—this year, go for the rugged, top-of-the-line survivalist tools that your outdoor man or lady lusts for. If you’re in love with a camper/survivalist/outdoorsman or –woman, this shopping list of COAST Products should be handy this Valentine’s Day.

What to Get A Survivalist for Valentine’s Day

1.       HP 7R Rechargeable Flashlight

Your honey will marvel at the 1,003-foot long shaft of light that the HP7R extends. And the quick-cycle between high (201 lumens), low (22 lumens), and strobe settings will certainly impress. But add the fact that this high-powered torch can be recharged via USB, AC, and DC power sources, and your survivalist lover will be entirely twitterpated.


2.       TX5 Keychain Light
At 4 lumens, the TX5 is bright enough to illuminate details, but discrete enough to avoid irritating others nearby. Keep one at the bedside—no worries about waking up the spouse or roommate. Or hook the TX5 onto your keychain and enjoy a feeling of security when crossing dark spaces alone. Either way, the TX5 makes a thoughtful gift.


3.       EAL20 LED Lantern

Whether you’re pitching a tent with your kiddos or enjoying backcountry couple getaways, the EAL20 is the perfect camping lantern. With a runtime of 100 hours, a dimming switch, and our 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, the EAL20 is dependable. Plus, with four light settings—full power, energy setting, solid red, and flashing red—the EAL20 is an ideal safety light for your car or BOB (Bug Out Bag). A practical gift for anyone on your Valentine’s Day list.


4.       LED155 LED Pro Pocket Pliers

Communicate how amazing your lover is by getting him or her this innovative multi-tool. With two LED lights, spring-loaded pliers, and a 3-inch knife blade, our award winning Pro Pocket Pliers are sturdy and strong. The LED155 Pro Pocket Pliers also have a cap lifter, a wire stripper, a can opener, scissors, and screwdriver tips (1 Phillips and 3 flathead). If your sweetheart wows you, wow them with the LED155.


5.       RX313

Your guy or girl is super smooth—so get them the smoothest knife on the market. We commissioned world renowned knife designer Ron Lake to create the RX313. His innovative design makes the RX313 the fastest, smoothest assisted opening knife available today. The RX313 is also universally designed to accommodate right and left handed users equally—it has thumb studs on both sides of the blade.


Make this Valentine’s Day memorable—get your true love one of these unforgettable COAST gifts.

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