Top 5 Most Important Things to Include in Your BOB (Bug Out Bag)

LED Lantern

LED Lantern

Winter is around the corner and it is a good time to remind ourselves to make sure we are prepared for emergencies. Let’s take a look at five of the most important things to include in your Bug Out Bag (BOB), the grab-and-go bag you’ll grab if a disaster hits.

FEMA’s website,, offers some basic survival guidelines, while also providing a handy checklist for your emergency kit. Here are the five FEMA-suggested BOB items that items that we consider the most important to survive an emergency.

Top 5 Items to Pack in your Bug Out Bag (BOB) Emergency Kit

1. H20. Water is essential for the survival of all living creatures. (a FEMA-run website) recommends packing one gallon per day, per person, for three days total. Also consider packing water-purification tablets, or a hand-held water purifier.

2. Communication Essentials. FEMA including a battery powered or hand-crank radio, and a NOAA Weather Radio. It’s wise to pack a backup cell phone charger that is compatible with your car. This ensures you can repower your smartphone even if local electricity is out for a while.

3. Emergency Area Lights, such as an LED lantern and an LED flashlight. LED lanterns and flashlights are preferable because LED bulbs are highly efficient and long-lasting. Some LED Emergency Lanterns include flashing light settings, or several light colors to increase your visibility to rescuers. Also consider packing an LED headlamp for when you need to keep your hands free.

4. A First-Aid kit including an emergency blanket, extra batteries, a whistle, moist towelettes, extra garbage and sealable plastic bags, a can-opener, a knife, a multi-tool, band-aids, etc. Include a dusk mask as part of your first-aid kit, in case you have to breathe dust or bad air. A cotton shirt or bandana will also work for this purpose.

5. Food. Of course you’ll need to eat during your emergency survival experience. In addition to packing enough food for the people and pets in your family, you might consider making sure your camp stove is ready and stocked with all the fuel it needs.

Honestly, it takes a lot to prepare (and stay prepared) for an emergency, and the items listed above should not be taken as a definitive list. Be sure to check out and spend time gathering and preparing your kit.

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