Top 5 Greatest Flashlight Movie Scenes Ever

Flashlights are such universally handy tools, it’s no surprise they show up in a lot of movie scenes. Most of them, not surprisingly, fall into the horror and science fiction genres (with some exceptions). After all, if you should be trapped in the dark, lost in the forest or chased by strangers, it always pays to have an LED flashlight on hand!

These scenes, besides keeping us on the edges of our seats, remind us of the net utility of carrying an LED flashlight. (At least we don’t have to worry about zombies and aliens, right?)

Here are five memorable movie scenes involving flashlights:

Jurassic Park.

Who can forget the scene in which two kids are trapped in an overturned jeep while a T-Rex runs amok? By accident, one the kids shines his flashlight into the eyes of the T-Rex. (One of the few situations in which carrying an LED flashlight could be to your detriment.) Luckily, the T-Rex’s vision is based on motion, rather than light.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 films of all time. The film is remembered for its special effects as well as for setting the bar high for the UFO and space alien film genre. During the movie, there is a hair-raising moment when Richard Dreyfuss is using his flashlight on a dark country road and his beam is blacked out by a UFO fly-by above.


Another classic film dealing with visitors from outer space, ET has its own famous scene in which our favorite alien is being chased through the forest by men in black carrying flashlights. The reflection of the flashlights on the trees and the canopy of the forest set the mood for an unforgettable chase scene. What does this scene teach us? In the wrong hands, unfortunately, LED flashlights can be used for evil as well as good.

Blair Witch Project.

A more recent flashlight scene, which you probably remember even if you didn’t see the movie, occurs in The Blair Witch Project, in which students are filming a documentary about a haunted forest. As the last coherent member of her camping party, actress Heather Donahue speaks into the camera with her LED flashlight shining on her face, describing what happened.

Kill Bill Vol. 2.

There is nail-biting scene in Kill Bill Vol. 2 in which Uma Thurman’s character, “The Bride,” is trapped in a buried coffin. She would have had no way out if it weren’t for her trusty LED flashlight. (We assume it was an LED flashlight – only the best for Uma Thurman!) By turning on her flashlight, she is able to focus her fists on a particular part of the wooden coffin lid. Using her Pei Mei martial arts training, she punches her way through the lid and climbs out to the surface.

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