Tools of the Trade Puts COAST’s A25R Rechargeable Flashlight to the Test

A25R Rechargeable FlashlightOur A25R LED rechargeable flashlight was recently featured in Tools of the Trade online magazine. Tools of the Trade calls itself “the complete resource for the tools used in the construction industry today.” For construction workers, having the right tool makes all the difference. Tools of the Trade helps contractors select the best tool for every project. The magazine specializes in side-by-side comparisons of tools; these detailed specs are specifically geared toward construction professionals.

Tools of the Trade’s Review of the A25R LED Flashlight
Tools of the Trade reviewer Michael Davis called the A25R “one of the coolest flashlights [he’s] ever seen.” Here are a few A25R features that Mr. Davis highlighted in his review of this top-notch COAST product:

  • “Blindingly Bright” at 466 lumens of light output.
  • “Solid tool-like feel,” thanks to the A25R’s stainless steel housing
  • “High and low settings.” Mr. Davis pointed out that the A25R’s focusing optics allows the user to toggle between a wide or narrow beam of light.
  • “Focused beam up to 560 feet.” On the narrow, more intense light setting, the A25R can reach 560 feet.
  • “Felt like a kid at Christmas.” The “amazing number of accessories” that come with the A25R made Mr. Davis feel joyfully young. The rechargeable flashlight’s kit includes a nylon holster, a USB cable, belt and wall clips, adapters for AC and DC power, an adapter pack, and two rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs.

The Tools of the Trade review concludes with a listing of the various ways to charge the A25R LED flashlight. At the flashlight’s rear, there’s a subtle USB plug that allows the user to charge the lithium ion battery while it’s still in the casing. You can also charge the battery separately by plugging it into the USB charger, or into a standard outlet. (This means you can always have a fresh lithium ion battery charging while the A25R is in use.) An automotive adapter is also included. Finally, in those rare situations when a computer, wall outlet, or car charger isn’t available, four AAA batteries can power the A25R.

We appreciate that the Tools of the Trade review includes a labeled diagram of the flashlight, its AAA battery adapter, and the lithium ion battery back.

This glowing review shows that the AR25 is perfect for those in the construction field, or any other profession that requires a flexible, dependable rechargeable LED flashlight.

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