Three Universities Flip the Switch on LEDs

Cree, Inc. recently announced the enrollment of three U.S. universities in “LED University,” a program promoting LED lighting across college campuses worldwide.

The University of Notre Dame (Indiana) is implementing four pilot installations to evaluate the feasibility of LED lighting across the campus. These pilots include LED step lighting on the new Irish Green, recessed LED lighting in conference rooms and elevator lobbies, and outdoor decorative area lights at the center of campus.

In 2007, Madison Area Technical College (Wisconsin) installed eight LED lighting fixtures that illuminate student walkways on the college’s downtown campus. Today, approximately 400 LED fixtures illuminate a number of MATC campus venues, including outdoor walkways, the student center, administration offices, bus stop shelters and display cases.

The switch to LED lighting is already paying off for North Carolina State University as energy costs in LED-lit facilities have been lowered by about 40 percent.  In student housing, 730 LED lights are already providing a 44 percent reduction in energy use, which is significant given that they replaced relatively efficient fluorescent tube lights.  Energy savings for the parking garage is projected to be about 32 percent, compared to the already efficient high intensity discharge (HID) lights that were replaced.

The LED University initiative is a growing international community of universities working to evaluate, deploy and promote LED lighting across their campus infrastructures to save energy, protect the environment, reduce maintenance costs and provide better light quality for improved visibility and safety.

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