Three of the Most Beat Up But Functioning LED Flashlights COAST Has Seen

Our LED flashlights are built tough. We design them for reliable use in the harshest professional settings. Where other flashlight manufacturers skimp to save a buck or two, such as on plastic parts, we make sure to choose the durable option that will survive any stress test. For instance, Survival Bros recently put our HP14 flashlight to the test, throwing it down onto rocks and dunking it into water to show its robust performance. We weren’t surprised to hear that the HP14 continued to shine bright throughout this abuse. After all, we include a lifetime guarantee for all of our products against defects in materials and workmanship.

Such antics delight us, as they provide an opportunity to show our dedication to quality construction and design. Here are a few of the most beat up—yet still functioning!—COAST LED flashlights we’ve ever seen.

1. PX25 LED flashlight still works after going through industrial machinery. A customer sent us this photograph of a PX25 LED flashlight that had been sent through industrial machinery—and yet it still functions.  The moral of this story: You can’t beat COAST quality.

PX25 LED flashlight

2. PX45 LED flashlight still functional after suffering road rash.  One of our customers, Jonathan K, found this PX45 flashlight in the road. Yes, the case is a bit chipped, and the lens is cracked. We’re betting a car ran this light over. And yet it still works—and as the customer put it, the “focus is still whisper smooth.” Finally, even in its sorry state, the customer points out that this PX45 is still “very much brighter than the other $30-range lights” he has. To round out his message, Jonathan sends us “Congrats on a solid product!”

PX45 LED flashlight

3. A15 LED Flashlight Shines On after Muckhole Incident. Writing on our Facebook page, Jeff Ireland recounts how his ATV went through a mudhole, coating everything in his ATV luggage in a layer of “grimey muck.” After rinsing it off and drying it out, Jeff found his A15 still functioned perfectly.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of amazing COAST Product survival stories. Follow our Facebook page to read our customers’ incredible tales of LED flashlights that just keep going, no matter what insane conditions surround them. For example, we’ve heard of our LED flashlights surviving trips through the washing machine. We also post customers stories to our “User Stories” blog category—one gentleman there, for instance, wrote about how his G25 Coast flashlight fell overboard while his family was vacationing in the British Virgin Islands. The next day, his son went swimming and was able to fish out the G25. Guess what? It still worked! We invite you to send us your COAST products stories, either via our Facebook page, or by email.

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