The X21 Light Cannon vs. The Torch

For readers who saw the previous post, I want to include a follow-up post today. Yesterday, I shared my thoughts on a new flashlight called The Torch that retails for $300. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed with its perceived value. What I failed to mention, however, was that LED Lenser also produces a similar flashlight that retails for the same price — the X21 Light Cannon. As such, I thought I’d clear the air and share why, if you’re going to drop 300 bucks on a flashlight, the X21 is the way to go.

First, let’s look at battery life. I mentioned yesterday that the Torch lasts for a whopping 15 minutes before it needs a recharge. The X21 lasts 600 hours. Additionally, the X21 uses D-cell batteries, which you can pretty much find anywhere. The Torch uses a custom battery pack that looks like a pain to recharge. And what happens when that breaks? I’m sure the manufacturer would replace it for a small fee…

Second, the Torch uses a halogen bulb, which is why it burns so hot — in fact, you’re only supposed to use it for three minutes before switching it off and letting it cool. The X21 uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs), proven not only to burn cooler but last longer as well. In other words, you can hold the X21 for as long as you like (600 continuous hours if you want) without facing the risk of a burn injury.

Finally, the Torch does burn at 4,100 lumens — dangerously bright. The X21 burns at well over 1,000 lumens — still significantly brighter than any other conventional torch you’ll find and plenty bright for all your lighting needs.

So there you have it. Why not spend your $300 on a torch that’s safer, lasts longer, has a lower total cost of ownership, and will provide you will all the performance needs you require? Seems simple enough for me.

Oh, one more thing. The Torch comes with 6-month warranty. The X21 Light Cannon? Lifetime guaranteed.


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