The V2 Power Chip Flashlight

LED Lenser has put together a tactical, yet practical, LED flashlight for home and outdoor use that can benefit just about anyone.  The V2 Power Chip flashlight can be used for a number of applications, most prominently as a hunter’s favorite light or for simple home lighting needs, like digging through the attic.

The 7461 V2 Power Chip uses LED Lenser’s Prism Reflector System to take the high intensity LED white bulb and step up its beam strength.  The light produces 36 lumens that have an effective range of 252 feet.  It will run on 1 AA battery for 10 ½  continuous hours. 

Hunters wishing to have the power of the V2 can do so without sacrificing their need for discretion while out in the woods.  This model also comes in a camouflage casing, they call it Mossy Oak, for better use by hunters. 

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