The Tradition of Puma Knives

The knife marketplace is a very competitive one and in order to stay in the marketplace for any length of time, a product must present a credible product that has the ability to perpetually remain innovative. The reason for this is that when a product falls behind the curve its competitors will eclipse the product in sales. In the world of knives, Puma remains one of the most successful brands because it has remained relevant and innovative in the marketplace for 200+ years.

Puma knives first appeared in Solingen, Germany in the 1800′s and they were quickly established as the top knives in the realm of sporting hunting. This was due to their durability and quality of design. Word of the quality of these knives spread and sales of the knives expanded beyond Germany’s borders. Despite mass production, the brilliant quality of the knives never deviated from their originally conceived high standards and that is why the huge selection of Puma knives still remains incredibly popular on a worldwide basis many years after their inception. 

If you are looking for a knife for hunting, sporting or just collecting Puma knives should be at the top of anyone’s list of potential purchases.

Pictured: Puma Staghorn Folder

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