The Perfect Knife for Hiking

Like many people, you may enjoy backpacking or hiking.  If that is the case, one piece of gear or equipment that you will want to have on hand is an appropriate knife.  When it comes to finding the best possible knife for backpacking, you need to keep some different factors in mind.

First, you need to understand that any knife you select should be a knife that can easily handle a number of different tasks.  The reality is that when hiking you never know what you might need a knife for at any given moment. A blade may be needed to cut rope or twigs.  If you may be setting up a tent later, a set of pliers or scissors may be helpful.  Knives with a compass can be found and may prove useful.  Consider what you may need while hiking and look for a knife or multi-tool that can provide many if not all of these needs. This will cut down on how much you need to carry with you.

No matter what you buy, do not compromise on the quality of the knife blade.  You will want a durable, sharp blade no matter what other features it may provide.  Because you may have to cut through vegetation and other such things with regularity, you need to make sure that you select a knife with a blade that can withstand this type of use.

Make sure the handle and grip on a knife fits easily and comfortably in your hand.  Because you may have to use the knife on the fly, you need to make certain that the grip is one that makes the knife easy to manage and use. A solid handle is also a good indication that the craftsmanship is solid and ready for rigorous use.

Hiking is a fun sport that is good for your health and inspiring for your soul.  Be prepared and enjoy what the outdoors has to offer.

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