The Best LED Lights for Your Bike

Bike safety LED lights are a must for any avid cyclist.

Bike safety LED lights are a must for any avid cyclist.

Even though the weather is getting colder and wetter, many people are still getting out of the house and onto their bikes. Whether they are commuting to work, racing on a track or simply enjoying a leisurely evening ride, there is one thing every type of bike-enthusiast can agree on: safety. One of the simplest and most effective forms of bike safety is proper lighting. And what kind of lights make the best bike safety lights? Why, LED lights, of course!

Don’t worry – you don’t need to strap a clunky LED flashlight to your helmet for safety purposes. There are many great LED bike lights available that are both stylish and functional. Here are a few of the top LED bike lights available. (PS – They make great holiday gifts, too!)

LED Mounted Bike Lights

One of the most effective LED light for bike safety use is the handlebar mounted light. These lights are strapped right to your handlebars and provide nighttime illumination much like the headlights on a car. They are also great for nighttime visibility if you are riding in a poorly lit area.

LED Clip-On Lights
Probably the most popular of all LED bike safety lights, the LED clip-on lights attach securely to your clothes or bag on produce a high-powered, blinking light that can be seen from very far away. These small, lightweight LEDs are relatively inexpensive and because they are LEDs they last for a very long time.

LED Helmet Lights
Not as popular as the clip-on or mounted varieties, the LED helmet light attaches directly to your helmet and acts much like a head lantern. These are great because they are hands-free and produce light exactly where you are looking. Most helmet LED lights don’t blink, so if you’re going to use one it’s a good idea to combine it with a back clip-on.

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