The 3 Lessons I Learned Camping

My wife and I just spent the last week camping in Oregon/Idaho along the Snake River. In addition to great weather and good times, we learned a few valuable lessons — the hard way.

#1) Pack sunblock. Normally, when I think of camping, I envision dense forests with ample shade. Last week, other than the Snake, we didn’t have much to cool us down or protect us from the sun. Needless to say, I may be uncharacteristically red as I type this.

#2) Pack during daylight hours. Or, at least, with a reliable LED light. We made the mistake of packing late at night so we could make an early a.m. drive home. As a result, we left our camp chairs behind, still sitting around the fire pit. By the way, you’re welcome, future campers.

#3) Budget for ice. We packed an ice cooler in order to transport all our food that needed to be kept cold for the week. I kind of skimped on the ice budget because I thought for some reason a cooler would keep things frozen not just “cool.” Especially in the hot climate we stayed in, we definitely needed more ice than we originally anticipated. If you’d rather not eat all your hamburger meat within the first 24 hours, don’t forget about the ice.

Well, those were my three lessons I learned from our camping trip last week. Hopefully they can serve as a good reminder for those of you looking to head out again during the few days of summer we have left. And I highly recommend that you do!

[photo: Florian]

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