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Why a Tactical LED Flashlight Makes a Great Self-Defense Tool

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

You have the right to remain silent…

Tactical LED flashlights are the perfect self-defense tools because they have no lasting effect. One blast from a tactical LED flashlight is enough to temporarily disorient and therefore halt any questionable character in his or her tracks. This means you can feel fairly safe walking alone at night with an LED flashlight. If a problem arises, you can surprise an attacker with the beam – and if it turns out your use of LED light was a mistake, you can apologize and move on, knowing any effects will fade in a matter of minutes. Indeed, police officers and military personnel are trained to use this humane weapon first, by shining their LED flashlights in the eyes of suspects to gain a moment of threat assessment.


All about Wildland Fire Fighting

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Using fire to fight fireOne of the things we at COAST are most proud of is that firefighters (among other public service personnel) often choose our tactical LED flashlight models for use in the field. Because firefighting is such a demanding job, an LED flashlight for tactical use must meet much higher standards in terms of power, utility and durability than a flashlight intended for general use.

Of the different types of firefighters out there, wildland firefighters have one of the most rugged and potentially dangerous jobs in existence. Wildland firefighters battle uncontrolled wildfires, often located in the middle of nowhere; their job requires different equipment, training and techniques than firefighting in more populated areas. For example, an urban firefighter will use a powerful tactical LED flashlight for searching burning buildings, whereas a wildland firefighter will more commonly need illumination for navigating outdoor areas at night. (more…)