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New Article: Mud Hiking!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Mud HikingCoast published a new article this month called “Mud Season Hiking: How to Stay Safe” by Ben Nystrom. The article offers practical advice on hiking trails in late winter and early spring when mud is prevalent on trails, making them potentially hazardous to both hikers and the surrounding environment.

Nystrom opens by briefly explaining that mud season is simply melting snow and rain that saturate the ground, creating massive amounts of mud. As he continues, he makes a number of crucial observations about hiking trails during this particular season that will help keep you safe as well as content along the way.


Survival Knife | Rambo Never Had It So Good

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Survival knives got a cheesy image a few years back thanks to their overblown presentation in the Rambo movies. These knives are not just novelty items or barbaric tools of destruction. Survival knives provide all the common uses of a hunting knife but they also have a hollow handle that provides a compartment for easy storage of various items you may need while in the great outdoors. A survival knife can store matches, bandages, twine and some other useful survival items and keep them all dry.  This creates an easy to carry survival kit all in the palm of your hand. Some survival knives include a simple compass in the end of the handle as well.

When looking for a survival knife, make sure that the novelty of a handle encasement doesn’t over shadow the quality of the blade. After all, it is first and foremost a hunting knife. The blade should be sturdy and made of rust-proof materials. Many survival knives have both a serrated portion toward the top of the handle for sawing as well as a regular sharp blade at its tip for cutting and skinning. Buy a brand known for its robustness and then check out the extra survival equipment it can carry.


Rambo Is Back – So Are Survival Knives

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

With the new Rambo movie in theaters the knife world needs to brace itself for a new rush of customers who will want to get a hold of the classic survival knife that was prominently featured in the first three films. Of all the military knives on the market, the survival knife is probably the most popular due to its innovative concept. For those not familiar with the classic survival knife, it is a knife where the top of the handle unscrews revealing that the hollow handle acts as a glove compartment of sorts where vital camping or survival items such as matches, fishing life, a knife sharpener, et al can be stored. While survival military knives have become the butt of pop cultural jokes, there are a number of benefits that the survival knife offers and this is why it still remains on the market. If you want to safely carry items that are necessary for an outdoor excursion – to say nothing of also acquiring a reliable cutting instrument – then owning a military survival knife becomes a smart purchase.