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How Well Do You Know Your State’s Concealed Carry Laws?

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

DX 355 Knife

Every state has its own laws regarding concealed weapons. Here in Oregon, state law regarding ownership of knives is quite lenient. It is legal for Oregonians to own any kind of knife they choose. However, the Beaver state does restrict certain knives as illegal to conceal and carry. Here’s a summary of Oregon law regarding the concealed carrying of knives.


Knife Product Review: The Model City Firefighter Evaluates the DX335

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

COAST's DX335What are your must-have work items? For most of us, a laptop, set of headphones, and a strong cup of coffee would probably make the list. But first responders and firefighters need a completely different set of professional tools, including a good rescue personnel knife. Today we’re highlighting a recent product review for one such COAST rescue knife, the DX335. recently posted a product review for the DX335. The Model City Firefighter writers are both experienced firefighters, with 20 years of firefighting experience between them. So it’s natural that their product reviews should focus on how rescue personnel would experience the DX335.


Top Father’s Day Gifts for $20 or Less

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Oh no! Father’s Day is right around the corner, and you still haven’t gotten Dad a gift yet! What’s worse, you don’t have a huge gift budget this year. Don’t worry – Coast Portland has you covered. With many great products at reasonable prices, you’d have a hard time finding something Dad wouldn’t like. Here are our top Father’s Day gifts for under $20.

1. P4 LED Lenser HP Light
Featuring a moon lens and 14 lumen output, this compact, powerful light is perfect for lots of different situations. And with a 96-hour battery life, you’ll feel comfortable know the $20 you spend on this beauty will go a long ways.